I'm using the classicthesis package with the template provided on latextemplates.com (http://www.latextemplates.com/template/classicthesis-typographic-thesis) to write my MSc thesis. I am required to submit my thesis to the examiners in a one-sided format. Using the one-sided format is quite easy, I simply need to put "oneside" as an option when I declare the document class (i.e. \documentclass[oneside... ).

When I use the default "twoside" option in the document class, the title page is centred: title page with two-sided format

However, when I use "oneside", the title page shifts to the right (except for the timestamp at the very bottom): title page with one-sided format

Is there a way to force the first page to be centred, use the one-sided format only from the second page or otherwise fix this?


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As it turns out, the title page provided in the template I was using is embedded in the addmargin environment:


(contents of the title page)


Removing the addmargin environment solves the problem.

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