I have over the last few years drawn a lot of Feynman diagrams in LaTeX with Feynmf and mpost. The results are nice, but time-consuming! For non-physicists, a Feynman diagram is an image made of lines which often need math labels, e.g. this Feynman diagram from wiki, which, although not made with Feynmf, gives you an idea...

enter image description here

I would like to start a repository of code for Fenyman diagrams for people to copy from, to save them time. Ideally, it could show LaTeX source and pdf or png output side-by-side, so that people could spot a diagram they wanted/wanted to modify, and copy and paste the LaTeX.

What is the best platform? git-hub etc? I guess this is a common request for LaTeX codes, to have code and output side-by-side?

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Maybe the guys over at texample.net might be able to host this. The actual maintainer @StefanKottwitz is also active over here so maybe you may want to ask him.

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