I'm trying to write a script, and I have defined the following commands:


With them, I create a blur effect and a quote/paragraph style respectively. When I use them in the following text

\ParagraphText{text text text ... text text}

I get this error:

LaTeX Error: Too deeply nested. [}]

Can you help me? Additionally, I would like a left and right padding in the \SpeechText command. How can I get it?

Here is the whole code:



\chapterstyle{dash} % try also reparticle
\usepackage{ulem}   % underline
\usepackage{xcolor} %
%\usepackage{lipsum} %dummy text
% All font size must be normal size 
% font hyphenation 
    \fontdimen2\font=0.6em % interword space
    \fontdimen3\font=0.2em % interword stretch
    \fontdimen4\font=0.1em % interword shrink
    \fontdimen7\font=0.9em % extra space
    \hyphenchar\font=`\-% to allow hyphenation

%% Speech lines

%% Paragraph lines



            Las enormes gafas de sol apenas pueden ocultar su cara destrozada, 
            la cicatriz desde casi el lacrimal del ojo hasta la comisura del lado derecho 
            de la boca. Sonríe. Y los dientes que le faltan convierten su boca en un abismo, 
            un agujero negro tragador de materia oscura. 

            No es bueno contradecir al jefe

            Ese Jefe no es mi Jefe


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    Please provide the full LaTeX source of your input. – user10274 Sep 20 '13 at 11:59
  • Your "full" example does not generate the error you say, it generates ! Undefined control sequence. \ParagraphText ...ignorespaces {#1}\par \duplines If I add the definition from the accepted answer on the question referenced by Andrea L. it runs without error – David Carlisle Sep 21 '13 at 10:33

You haven't given any indication of what you want your commands to do, or given an example input that generates the error however


You are missing % at the ends of lines so this will introduce space tokens into your document. The \ignorespaces does nothing as it just ignores space tokens until the first non-space token is encountered but you follow it immediately by {. \vbox is not really a latex command at this level, if you need a box at all? You probably want \parbox. \quotation is the internal command for the quotation environment and if used in that form it needs a matching \endquotation. \duplines I can't comment on. as you have shown no definition.

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  • Maybe it is remotely related to this question, and if that's the case, removing the \RED (which I think is a red-uppercase only text) it compiles without errors to me... – TheVal Sep 20 '13 at 12:58

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