I found this snippet on the internet which is used to produce a text area inside a greybox.


I use it like this:

Normal text.
\greybox{Surrounded text.

Even on multiple lines}

to produce output like this:

Now, I need to put some source code inside this grey box, and I was planning to use verbatim to do so. Problem is: verbatim escapes %-like characters, but when it is inside a \greybox (as defined above) it doesn't behave correctly. Percent signs are interpreted as comments.

    code with a % inside

Obviously if I do the opposite, that is placing \greybox inside verbatim, everything gets escaped and \greybox is not interpreted.

Any solutions to the problem? I don't mind using listings or other packages if necessary.

  • Have you tried \%?
    – Corentin
    Sep 20, 2013 at 16:28
  • 1
    verbatim environments or commands never work inside an argument of a command. But you can get a similar grey box easily with a package like mdframed where you'd have an environment. There verbatim would work.
    – cgnieder
    Sep 20, 2013 at 16:37

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You mentioned that the listings package is acceptable. Here is an example I used for bash commands.

\usepackage{listings} %for source code format
  \lstdefinestyle{command}{backgroundcolor=\color{lightgray}, frame=none}

Here I define

  1. Basic style for global environment: the listing would be script-size font size, with monospaced font family.
  2. A style name "command", has background light grey, and has no frame outside the listing.

When using the listing,

\begin{lstlisting}[style=command, caption="choose makefile"]
  # cp makef.linux Makefile

and the style looks like the command's look

The listings package can also define language style and recognize comments, such as c-style , python,... Check the list in LaTeX/Source Code Listings.


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