Is there a way to get a specific type of bullet instead of the filled bullets when you first activate the itemize command in LaTeX? I am trying to get hollow bullets from the start instead of using nested commands to attempt to create them somehow. Thank you.

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The enumitem package might be useful, combined with some package listed in the Comprehensive Symbol List:

\item First
\item Second

Dingbat items


where i, ii, iii, etc. refer to the current bullet level.


One possible way to accomplish it is...

First, include amssymb package by adding the line \usepackage{amssymb} in the preamble of your document.


\item[$\checkmark$] This will give a checkmark bullet.

\item[$\square$] This will give a hollow square bullet.

\item[$\blacksquare$] This will give a filled square bullet.

\item[$\bigstar$] This will give you a bigstar bullet.


The list of all keywords like square, checkmark etc. can be found in amssymb package documentation. Visit: http://milde.users.sourceforge.net/LUCR/Math/mathpackages/amssymb-symbols.pdf


Try the list environment:

\item A  
\item B  

In LaTeX

  (your text)

will change that item's bullet to a diamond. This works on a per item basis.

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