I include an svg I created with matplotlib (see here how - at the bottom) using pyplot.savefig("test.svg") in my latex document.



Whatever I try, I cannot change the size of the fonts in the svg. Is it possible that way? What do I do wrong? I would rather like to use python etc. because using a gui like inkscape is for graphs not the method of choice.

  • I tried to answer your question. Did you solve the issue in another way?
    – Keks Dose
    Aug 3, 2015 at 6:43

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As far as I understand the manual of the svg package, you need a special kind of svg file which has a text component. Inkscape can produce this kind of file, but probably not matplotlib. The svg manual says:

The work by Johan B. C. Engelen has further enhanced the ability of Inkscape to split an svg into a text component that can be imported into L A TEX, and an image component that can be imported as a pdf . 1 Consequently it is now possible to include an svg into a LaTeX document where the text within the svg has been rendered natively by LaTeX.

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