My goal is to create a standalone TeX file containing tabulated figures. No matter what value I set for image width, the resulting table is always too wide for the page. Here is a MWE:

\def\ig{\includegraphics[width=1in, keepaspectratio]}

 R1& \subfloat{\ig{example-image-a}} 
   & \subfloat{\ig{example-image-b}} 
   & \subfloat{\ig{example-image-c}}\\[0.4cm]  
   &C1&C2&C3 \\
  • Drop the geometry package (or use its pass option). Also, a float environment like figure seems misplaced in a standalone document. Why do you use it? Sep 25 '13 at 17:12

The call to geometry is wrong, and also lscape doesn't make sense.

Also figure and \subfloat are not necessary: \includegraphics can go anywhere, it's treated just like a big letter.

\newcommand\ig[1][]{\includegraphics[width=1in, keepaspectratio,#1]}

 R1& \ig{example-image-a}
   & \ig{example-image-b}
   & \ig{example-image-c} \\[0.4cm]

The definition of \ig allows for additional options.

enter image description here

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