I was wondering, what is the difference between LaTeX, LaTeX2e and LaTeX3. Are the 2 higher versions available for use? I use LaTeX. How can I use the other 2 on Windows 7?

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LaTeX2e is the latest stable release of LaTeX. When people say LaTeX they usually mean LaTeX2e, not an earlier version.

LaTeX3 is a massive refactoring of the LaTeX2e code base, which is currently in development. Some of the developers are frequent contributors here and will probably chime in. You can follow the development at LaTeX3 GitHub repository.

The difference to end users between LaTeX2e and LaTeX3 will be many more functionalities included "out of the box" rather than requiring packages.

The programmer's interface to LaTeX3 for class and package writers will include lots of enhancements like built-in data structures and methods to control expansion without so many \expandafters. Some current packages use the expl3 package already to implement their features.


LaTeX2e has been the current version since 1994. Every current TeX distribution supports it. LaTeX, I guess you mean LaTeX 2.09, is outdated.

LaTeX3 is a version in development, have a look at

With Windows 7 you can use MiKTeX or TeX Live.


LaTeX is a synonym for LaTeX2e, which itself is the successor of LaTeX 2.09. LaTeX3 has been in development for nearly 20 years and shall be the successor of LaTeX2e. The main basic packages for LaTeX3 can be used but are still in an experimental state. I suppose that a lot of LaTeX (which is actually LaTeX2e) users will be retired if LaTeX3 should ever be officially released ... ;-)

All TeX distributions support LaTeX2e which is, of course, not a program but a macro package. The program is tex, pdftex, luatex, or xetex. They use the macro package latex.ltx when called as latex, pdflatex, lualatex, or xelatex.

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At this point in time the plan is to evolve LaTeX incrementally rather than trying to switch to a new code base all at once. See the talk by Frank Mittelbach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNci4lcb8Vo&feature=youtu.be

So while the goals of the LaTeX3 project are coming to fruition, there are no plans currently for changing the name from LaTeX2e to LaTeX3.

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