I am at learning stage of LaTeX. While working with lualatex with fontspec package, i am not being able to use any math environment. My document's preamble:

\documentclass[a4paper, 14pt]{memoir} %

\usepackage{amsmath} %Never write a paper without using amsmath for its many new commands
\usepackage{amssymb} %Some extra symbols

\usepackage{makeidx} %If you want to generate an index, automatically
\usepackage{graphicx} %If you want to include postscript graphics 
\usepackage{microtype} %
\usepackage{cleveref} %
%\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}   % font encoding
\usepackage[a4paper,bottom=2cm]{geometry} % geometry/margins of page
\usepackage{multicol}       % multicolumn environments
\usepackage{tikz}           % used for the 'logo' (remove if unwanted)
\usepackage{calc, blindtext}
\usepackage{xcolor, colortbl}

\definecolor{MSBlue}{RGB}{0, 85, 255}
\definecolor{MSLightBlue}{RGB}{42, 127, 255}
\definecolor{WaterBlue}{RGB}{0, 212, 255}
\definecolor{RHlight}{RGB}{255, 170, 0}

% %setting section style
\newfontfamily\sectionFont{Interstate BoldCondensed} %
\newfontfamily\emphFont{Bell MT Bold}

% %setting enumeration style
\setlist[description]{font=\bfseries, labelindent=\parindent, leftmargin=*} %
\setlist[enumerate]{labelindent=\parindent} %

% helper macros

Whenever I use $...$ inside of begin{document}, I am having the following error:

miktex-makepk: / is an unknown METAFONT mode.
Process exited with error(s)

I have tried with no-math option with fontspec package and using unicode-math package but it seems it is conflicting with kpfonts package and giving following error:

Command `\mathscr' already defined. ...}{U}{jkp\kp@famillem syd\kp@widerm}{m}{n}

Using mathspec package is giving following error:

Undefined control sequence {\relax}

So, my questions are:

  1. why actually I am having these error.
  2. how can I work with math environment by keeping fontspec and kpfonts package?
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    You can't use unicode-math with kpfonts, this is for sure, but also using kpfonts and fontspec opens a can of worms, I'm afraid. – egreg Sep 28 '13 at 23:28

You can't use kpfonts with fontspec and unicode-math. These fonts exist only in Type1 format for pdflatex.

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