i'm getting this error message

An error occurred while running: /Applications/LyX.app/Contents/MacOS/tex2lyx" -f "nrcd.tex" "nrcd.lyx

while importing tex file to lyx 2.0.6 can anyone help please?

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    Is this a Mac-reported error, or a LyX-reported error? It the latter, then it may help posting the LyX file (perhaps on PasteBin, if too large). – Werner Sep 29 '13 at 2:06

This is an error reported by LyX (actually tex2lyx which is a separate program). LyX cannot be expected to import every .tex file (because LyX is not a LaTeX editor, it has it's own format it needs to convert to and parsing LaTeX can be very difficult). If you can reduce your .tex file to a minimal example, please post it as an enhancement request and for the component choose tex2lyx. Also note that tex2lyx is improving in every release, so there's a chance that you would be able to import with LyX 2.1 beta 1.

Note that LyX cannot even be expected to import files that it exports. This may seem silly to many, but it is an extremely difficult problem to solve. The reason is simply that importing (involves parsing) is not a straightforward inverse of exporting (involves writing). They are implemented in completely different ways. In fact, in LyX they are completely separate programs. lyx actually calls the program tex2lyx to import.

Whenever you export in any program, you should expect to lose data and you should not expect to be able to go backwards. With save, you do not lose data. This is why some programs, such as LyX, decide to keep the "export" and "save" operations separate instead of combining them.

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