I want to add some extra spacing between the rows of my longtable - but not for every table of the entire document, just one of them. I've tried to use the \\[dist] mechanism, but with surprising (at least to me) results: The distance is only added if the rightmost cell of the row being ended is the one with the greatest height:

spacing issue

What can I do to add the space regardless of the individual height of the cells?


first & first \\
nospace & nospace \\
short & short \\[6pt]
sep & sep \\
short & long long long long long long \\[6pt]
sep & sep \\
long long long long long long & short \\[6pt]
last & last \\

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You can add \renewcommand*{\arraystretch}{1.4} immediately before \begin{longtable}, and this will affect just that one table. Of course, 1.4 is a proportion. Get as much space as you want :)

Also, you could use the booktabs package. Take a look at this post:

Space between rows in a table

Note: Possible duplicate of How to set the space between rows in a table

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