I'm trying to crop the following image and I'd like to use pdfcrop to do it. The footer causes a problem though. So I did something like this pdfcrop --margin '0 0 0 -50' CircuitSimulation.pdf and then running pdfcrop again, but it didn't work. Are there any ways I can get pdfcrop to crop it automatically?



I would choose another solution. In the preamble of the document load graphicx package


Then insert graphics from pdf in desired location as follows:

\includegraphics[trim="left-margin"cm "bottom-margin"cm "right-margin"cm "top-margin"cm]{path-to-pdf-to-iclude}

I would suggest using frame around your graphics in order to see what will stay in figure after cropping:

\fbox{\includegraphics[trim="left-margin"cm "bottom-margin"cm "right-margin"cm "top-margin"cm]{path-to-pdf-to-iclude}}

The margins in the above commands are the length in cm you want to cut.


Don´t know pdfcrop, but sometimes is better to do the layout by oneself, there are a lot of tools on the internet, like digikey dot com slash schemit... it allows you to export the designs in pdf or png, for free... or even powerpoint... Good luck

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