I really like biblatex [backend=biber] to use with UTF8, as many citations I use will have some special characters esp. in the name field. This works totally great until I want to use e.g. german Umlauts (those strange characters: ü,ö,ä,ß) inside of the bibkey field. However I cannot get this to work:


  title={Three-dimensional mean-shift edge bundling for the visualization of functional connectivity in the brain},
  author={Böttger, Joachim and Schafer, Andreas and Lohmann, Gabriele and Villringer, Arno and Margulies, Daniel},
Foo bar \cite{Böttger2013}.

I always get something like this:

UTF8 error

Biber says in its first run:

WARN - I didn't find a database entry for 'B\IeC {\"o}ttger2013' (section 0)

leaving me with undefined references. Is there a way around? If not I think the easiest way is to use Boettger2013 instead of the UTF8 umlauts then.

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    The citation key is just a label and Herr Böttger won't be aware you're not correctly spelling his name in the key. ;-) – egreg Oct 2 '13 at 21:21
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    biber supports this but pdftex might have problems. As @Nils mentions, if you use LuaTeX or XeTeX, it'll be ok. – PLK Oct 3 '13 at 9:17

Yes, it's best to avoid using UTF8 chars in bibkeys. Even with biber. The problem is with pdfLaTeX's creation of the .aux file (have a look at it). If you use LuaTeX or XeLaTeX, it'll be okay. Still, I suggest you stay away from those chars (only in bibkeys, of course).

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