I would like to know where I could find an installer for MiKTeX embedding all existing LaTeX packages (if it exists). I am going to install LaTeX on a computer which will not ever be connected to Internet, and which won't allow amovible media (USB key/CD-ROM/...) as soon as everything is set up. So basically, I have to do a "one-shot" installation. I still do not know my needs in term of LaTeX packages, so I am wondering if a version of MiKTeX embedding all existing LaTeX packages existed.

I would like to install it on a Windows computer.

  • It seems your best shot would be to purchase the MiKTeX DVD image for 10 €. All the other installers/downloads need an Internet connection on the target computer at least once. – doncherry Oct 3 '13 at 7:57

You can get the installer of the complete MikTeX downloader by choosing either

Once you have finished downloading, you have to run it to bring up the dialog window as follows.

enter image description here

Select download MikTeX and you will be prompted to choose a mirror. After completing the download, you can burn all in a DVD and it is ready to be installed on any Windows machines.

Another option to MikTeX is TeXLive, you can make a mirror in your computer and distribute the mirror to any computers by sharing the LAN or burning it into a DVD. For more detailed explanation on mirroring TeXLive, see my answer.

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    link is dead... – MichaelChirico Apr 18 '16 at 17:57
  • An updated link would be really helpful – Peter Flom Apr 21 '19 at 13:07
  • If you edit the link to point to a newer MikTeX version, please always use http://mirrors.ctan.org/ and not a specific mirror. You can always find the download at miktex.org/download (All downloads > Net Installer) as well (in case the link here points to an outdated version again). Please note also that the answer specifically links to the setup-***.exe, which has the option to download all of MikTeX and not to basic-miktex-***.exe, which only has an install option. – moewe Jun 14 '19 at 7:34
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    To make it absolutely clear: This answer was specifically written for the situation in the question, where the user wants to download all of MikTeX at once. If you are just looking to install MikTeX normally (and are OK with downloading additional files during that process and afterwards) you are probable fine with the basic-miktex installer and don't need setup. Just go to miktex.org/download and download the recommended installer for you. – moewe Jun 14 '19 at 7:39

you can visit the MikTeX homepage, and down portable or DVD from browsering tab. after downloading the portable,you can unzip it to folder such as MikTeX, then launch "miktex-portable.cmd" which would always be in the folder MikTeX, right click on the icon in the windows tray, selecting "MikTeX package manager", the so-called MPM. selecting "edit" then "select installable package" and right click the selections, you will see a plus symbol which means installing selecting packages.

the MiKTeX DVD-R should include all the packages as it says "if you install the basic MiKTeX system, then missing packages can be installed on-the-fly from the DVD-R".