I have large LaTeX project (my thesis) with a main TeX file and many subfiles contained in their own subdirectories. The template is available here at Cambridge University website

Now coming to my question, in WinEdt I can compile the project only when the current document is the main/root document. If I try to run from sub files WinEdt throws an error.

Is there any way (like a flag in LaTeXing for Sublime Text) to tell WinEdt to always start compiling from root TeX file.


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Change in WinEdt to your main file and press Ctrl+F5 (menu Project-> Set Main File). The shortcut is available only in WinEdt version 7 and above.

Now you can change to other files, work with them. If you click now to compile the main file is compiled ...

  • This works. However in WinEdt 10, I observed that closing the main file results in error messages. I mean closing it in WinEdt while remaining the 'set main file' entry.
    – Gerard
    May 14, 2017 at 11:42

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