Below it is a very useful command to create a matrix. But it has a short point to me since it shows Parentheses not Square brackets. My question it how should I change this to show square brackets? I appreciate your answer. Thank you so much.

K =
   K_1 & 0      & 0    \\
   0   & \ddots &    0   \\
   0   & 0      & K_n    \\
   \end{pmatrix}}_{d\times M}
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    \begin{bmatrix}? – egreg Oct 4 '13 at 15:13
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    replace {pmatrix} with {bmatrix}. – barbara beeton Oct 4 '13 at 15:14

to replace parentheses around a matrix by square brackets, replace {pmatrix} with {bmatrix}.

this requires amsmath, but once you've done that, you also have

  • Bmatrix -- curly braces
  • vmatrix -- single vertical bars
  • Vmatrix -- double vertical bars

the left and right delimiters are properly spaced for the left and right positions, a nicety that isn't always automatic.

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