I'm looking for a tool to draw vectorized digital logical circuits. I first wanted to use Circuitikz, but found out that their are only two input lines for AND and OR gates. Are there any options to use a LaTeX package where gates have more input lines. Or are there some usefull tools that can produce vectorized pdf files. I need these tools for a course I'm writing about digital electronics and processors.

thanks in advance.


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An example for the TikZ logic gates with four inputs:

\begin{tikzpicture}[circuit logic US]
  \node[and gate, inputs={normal,inverted,normal,inverted}] (A) {};
  \draw (A.input 1 -| -1,0) -- (A.input 1)
        (A.input 2 -| -1,0) -- (A.input 2)
        (A.input 3 -| -1,0) -- (A.input 3)
        (A.input 4 -| -1,0) -- (A.input 4)


For more information, see PGF/TikZ 2.10 manual, section 29.3

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