I need a taller version of \parallel in order to typeset a norm correctly. I have tried variations of things like



\left{\parallel} \right{\parallel}

but receive the error "Missing delimiter (. inserted)" with the file not compiling. Any suggestions would be appreciated...


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\parallel isn't defined as a delimiter which is necessary to work with \left and \right. To achieve the desired effect try:

\[\left\lVert \frac a b\right\rVert\]

This needs amsmath, so make sure you load it.

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    \rVert would be better on the right side. Commented Oct 6, 2013 at 12:35

if you're using the norm notation frequently, you might want to define a command \norm using the \DeclarePairedDelimiter feature of mathtools:



\norm{a} + \norm[\bigg]{\frac{1}{a}}

output of example code

this "helper" command provides the ability to specify a size option as shown, and a starred version automatically applies \left and \right. mathtools automatically loads amsmath, loading that separately isn't necessary.

a more complete explanation of how to automatically provide \left and \right commands for paired delimiters is given by this question, and the present answer is a variant on the answer to that question by lev bishop.


The simpliest way:

\left\| x \right\|

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