I'm a bit confused about all possible package to draw electrical circuits. I'm new to drawing these diagrams (although I'm well known to TikZ).

Is there a better package than circuitikz? I found it's documentation a bit confusing. But above all, it doesn't seem to be aiming it the ultimate consistency I'm looking for (oh god, how I love consistency). Even the code isn't consistent (to my TikZ-used eyes at least).

Is someone using another package that does the trick (perhaps a TikZ library I don't know of)? I'd like to keep on using TikZ though, so don't stray too far.

PS: this is not a diss for the Circuitikz package. It's been the best packege I found to draw circuitz so far and seems to do quite well. It just hasn't got the ulimate tweaking abilities I want. (If it does, please enlighten me!)

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how about pst-circ. It modifies the way you can compile your latex document.


TikZ, starting version 2.10 has its own circuits library, which works very well (for me :) ).

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