Using the style provided by the conference at http://www.scs.org/ (http://www.scs.org/upload/documents/templates/ConferenceSubmissionLaTeXTemplate.tar.gz), multiple authors with multiple affiliations are recommended to use two columns to display the authors; however, the overwritten \maketitle command does not allow use of the \and separator in the \author definition.



results in:

! Misplaced \crcr.
\endtabular ->\crcr
\egroup \egroup $\egroup
l.48 \maketitle

What is the best way to either redefine the \and correctly, or override the author portion of the template's \maketitle command to allow multicolumn display of authors?


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The style simply typesets what you input inside a center environment. It's not really clear what they mean by “you can use multiple columns”. One way would be to use a tabular environment:

  A. Uthor                & W. Riter \\
  University of Somewhere & University of Anytown \\

that gives

enter image description here

Or possibly they want them listed like

  A. Uthor\\ University of Somewhere \\[2ex]
  W. Riter\\ University of Anytown

I added some vertical separation. Surely \and means nothing in this context.

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    I was debating doing exactly this or modifying the template - thanks for confirming my suspicions and for the very helpful example! On a side note, if someone encountering the same problem is playing around and includes \usepackage{authblk}, you'll get this error with egreg's recommended solution (simply remove the extraneous \usepackage{authblk} to resolve): ! Use of \\author doesn't match its definition. <argument> \def \reserved@a { \def \@currenvir {tabular}\edef \@currenvline {
    – Jon
    Oct 7, 2013 at 20:29
  • @Jon I wouldn't modify the template, particularly if they ask for the TeX file. If they ask only for the PDF it might be; but still I wouldn't do it.
    – egreg
    Oct 7, 2013 at 20:32

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