I'm trying to get the word Appendix in front of my appendix chapter titles. I would like it to look like:

Appendix A My first appendix

I tried the appendix package, using \usepackage[title,titletoc]{appendix}. Somehow this works in the toc but not in the title on the page itself. How can add it for the title as well?

Here what I got:

\documentclass[pdftex,parskip=half,twoside, BCOR15mm]{scrreprt}%
\usepackage{amsmath, amssymb, fancyhdr}



\chapter{Chapter 1}
\chapter{Chapter 2}


\chapter{Bli bla blubb}



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If you have nothing after the appendices, then this should do (I omitted the irrelevant packages and options). You don't need the appendix package.

  appendixprefix=true, % the title will have Appendix A

%% change \numberline so that it will print "Appendix A"
\newcommand\appendix@numberline[1]{\appendixname\ #1\autodot\ }



\chapter{Chapter 1}
\chapter{Chapter 2}

\chapter{Bli bla blubb}



Table of contents

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enter image description here


  1. Don't add the pdftex option. It's not needed and may cause problems.

  2. Don't load the here package. It's obsolete and actually loads float. The [H] option to figure or table only makes typesetting worse.

  • Thanks a lot. Works perfectly well. Thanks for the hints too, I always thought I might have some unnecessary stuff included.
    – YumYum
    Oct 9, 2013 at 20:59

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