i would like to have a justified list, so that each item in the list is justified within a specified column. For example, if i had the list

 1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
 2. cu sed laoreet debitis evertitur

it would format it so that it would be something like:

 1.Lorem   ipsum  dolor  sit   amet
 2.cu sed laoreet debitis evertitur

I'm currently just used the \itemize command.

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    Will your items contain paragraphs, or just a single line of text? – Werner Oct 11 '13 at 4:45

At the end of each paragraph, TeX inserts a space of \parfillskip, which has a default value of 0pt plus 1fil. If you change this value to 0pt, the last line will be flush right. So if you add


at the start of each list, your list items will be fully justified as desired.

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