For my thesis I have to use a specific first page, which is only available as Word.

I filled it and saved it as PDF and included it with my thesis with

\includepdf[pages=-,templatesize={145mm}{210mm},noautoscale=true,offset=-20 -190]{Frontpage.pdf}

The problem which occurs is that I have an empty first page befor the wanted first page.

On Google I found solutions like How to include PDF pages without a newpage before the first page?

But even with something like "pagecommand={\section{Frontpage}\thispagestyle{empty}}" the only result is, that I have another entry in my table of contents.

How can I make this thing work?

Antoher solution which would work for me would be a Word to LaTeX converter which converts the Word Document as it is. Everthing I found in this direction had problems with positions and graphics of the Word Document.

Edit: I found out, that the problem is because of my used documentclass. For my thesis I use this one:

The Result with this looks like this: With documentclass book it is working correct:


  • I cannot adequately reproduce the problem. If need be one could discard the first page using atbegshi's \AtBeginShipoutDiscard.
    – Werner
    Commented Oct 11, 2013 at 4:40
  • @Werner I added the example to make my problem more clear :)
    – Sören
    Commented Oct 11, 2013 at 13:03

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The abstract seems to be programmed wrongly:

  \begin{center}{\huge{\textit{Zusammenfassung}} \par}\end{center}
  {\normalsize #1}


note that the first line says \newcommand not \newenvironment. Thus the


is never picked up, lives on and leaves that stupid blank line.

You will have to change the code in Thesis.cls in order to get rid of this.


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