I am looking to add a background image to the title page of Beamer template and also to change the header and footer images in the normal slide.

I have yet to find a template where this would be easy to do and I was wondering where to make a start.

I basically want to replicate corporate slides made in ppt with nice Beamer ones so I can use equations already created in LaTeX.

Sorry if this kind of question breaks some kind of forum guideline...


This is what I use, I have a custom user template for company colors for the titles blocks...

in preamble

    \defbeamertemplate*{title page}{customized}[1][]

\author[] {you}
\institute[] {company}
\date[] {tody is \today}
\subject{Subject of presentation} 

Here you define the backgroud of the slides, I use only a custom footer of page width

\vbox to \paperheight{
\includegraphics[width=\paperwidth]{slide} %your picture

And first slide

%--- the titlepage frame -------------------------%

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