I'm surprised I don't see this addressed quickly with a Google search, but I don't see it there or on this site.

Does anyone know of a Windows logo symbol in LaTeX? I used Dextify, but couldn't find it there. I would think this has been asked many times, alas.

I might as well let you know the reason, too. I'm writing instructions for a procedure for Windows, and it includes help with a shortcut (Windows Key + Escape key) that I would like to illustrate to make it foolproof.

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • menukeys would be the obvious place to put the symbol (includes a generic keytop defined as \winmenu) but they mention not including it for copyright reasons
    – OJW
    Commented Oct 15, 2013 at 16:36

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Indeed, there doesn't seem to be a Windows symbol neither in the comprehensive LaTeX symbol list nor in Unicode. This symbol is in the WingDings font, but it is not available everywhere. Hence it appears one must use an external logo.

The German Wikipedia has a nice outline, monochrome Windows logo. It can be converted to an .eps or .pdf and then included in the document:



% Lower the picture a little to match the text baseline


Press \WinKey+\keystroke{E} to open Windows Explorer.



  • Very nice answer! I didn't know about the keystroke package
    – TH.
    Commented Mar 17, 2011 at 21:03

Using XeLaTeX, you can make use of the free TrueType font Illustrate IT, which offers a large collection of product symbols:

    Filled logo: \winlogoblack. Empty logo: \winlogowhite.

Output result


Font Awesome provides a number of operating system logos (compile with XeLaTeX/LauLaTeX):

enter image description here




\verb|Windows:| \faWindows \par
\verb|Linux  :| \faLinux \par
\verb|Apple  :| \faApple


To find the corresponding hex symbol identifiers, see the Font Awesome cheatsheet.


I'm assuming you're looking for something like this: enter image description here + Esc. Just include the logo as a picture using \includegraphics.


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