I would like to change chapter layout/heading to contain more information. I found this question where a subtitle is added that contains information about original authors. However, I would like to include speaker (basically similar to author), event (optional) and date for each chapter so that it would look like this:

enter image description here

Also, I would like to include the additional information in the table of contents so that it approximately looks like this:

enter image description here

I also found another question that achieves additional information in the ToC but I would like to automate the entries by already specifying the text when defining the chapter.

I am a latex beginner and do not really understand the code. However, I tried to modify the above mentioned code to add not only one field with additional information but three. This unfortunately works only partly as I would have expected. Below follows my working example:



\NewDocumentCommand \talk { m m o m }{
    {\chapter[#1\\\textit{#2, #4}]{#1\beneathtitle{#2}[]{#4}}}
    {\chapter[#1\\\textit{#2, #3, #4}]{#1\beneathtitle{#2}[#3]{#4}}}

\NewDocumentCommand \beneathtitle { m O{} m }{ \\





\talk{The puzzling evolution of giant DNA viruses}{Matthias Fischer}[SFB Seminar Series]{21.10.1988}

In the viral world, size is usually defined by genome and particle size  […]


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