There is LaTeX font catalogue available here.

But there only the list of fonts, no comparison and recommendation of fonts, to use together.

The list of fonts pairs: for text (many sans fonts have serif version and vice verse) and for math, - (or triples, with monospace one) would be great.

  • what exactly is your question? More like "has someone ever compiled a survey of typefaces they think look great together?", or more like "why not, as a community effort, here on TeX.SE, create a big list of typefaces that we think look great together?". But even if that part was clear, "looking great together" is a highly subjective and context-dependent matter, so that'll be a different problem altogehter...
    – Nils L
    Oct 15, 2013 at 15:04
  • 3
    Some people have compared how to blend text and math typefaces: http//tug.org/pracjourn/2006-1/hartke/hartke.pdf‎.
    – user10274
    Oct 15, 2013 at 15:08
  • PS: have you seen tex.stackexchange.com/questions/9533/… ?
    – Nils L
    Oct 15, 2013 at 15:31
  • 2
    @MarcvanDongen’s link for the lazy: tug.org/pracjourn/2006-1/hartke/hartke.pdf Oct 15, 2013 at 15:36
  • @MarcvanDongen You are missing the : between http and //, that’s all. Otherwise, the syntax [URL text](URL) should have worked, too. Oct 15, 2013 at 15:54


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