I am trying to define the spacing between the section name and section title in latex to get something like this . How can I do it?

enter image description here

Also how can I define the margin and all at the first page to get the margin of the title of the paper from the top followed by the authors like this.

enter image description here


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The distance is defined (in the standard classes and so those that load them) by \@seccntformat, whose usual definition is

\newcommand{\@seccntformat}[1]{\csname the#1\endcsname\quad}

So the space is a quad (1em) in the current font. If you want a normal interword space, put the following magic in your preamble:

\makeatletter % access to internal commands
\renewcommand{\@seccntformat}[1]{\csname the#1\endcsname\ }

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