I have configured Okular and Auctex so that forward and inverse search work like a charm when I have the *.tex file open and after I compiled the PDF file. I do, however, often encounter a scenario where some other person comments, corrects or annotates this PDF file. Is there a way to configure okular (or any other PDF viewer) and emscas in a way that inverse seach is still working under these conditions? I.e. under conditions where I cannot recompile the PDF file?

  • Are you looking for a line of code that gets inserted into the preferences of the pdf reader to jump backwards to Emacs assuming that you kept the .synctex.gz file? – lawlist Oct 16 '13 at 22:53

The answer is yes.

The .synctex.gz file links your TeX source file and the PDF output by postion. Supposing you complied test.tex and got the test.pdf file, you can find that even if you replace test.pdf by aaaa.pdf, forward and inverse searching will still work---position is right, however, the contents can be quite different.

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