Can someone help me out please? I am writing my cv, and I need a normal, standard footnote. Here is the heading:


\usepackage[bookmarks=false]{hyperref} %make sure it comes last of your loaded packages
%\usepackage[dvips,bookmarks=false]{hyperref} %make sure it comes last of your loaded packages

\oddsidemargin = 21 pt
\evensidemargin = 21pt
\textwidth = 410 pt

\lhead{Henrique GOMES\hspace{.5em}}
\rhead{Curriculum \hspace{.5em}   -- \hspace{.5em} Sep 2013}
\rfoot{{Page \thepage ~of \pageref{LastPage}}}


And the footnote is in a tabular environment:

  • 2
    Please post something compilable instead of just sniplet.
    – daleif
    Oct 16, 2013 at 14:48
  • Besides, footnotes does not belong inside tables. That is table notes, see threeparttable and the extension threeparttablex.
    – daleif
    Oct 16, 2013 at 14:50
  • As Lars (aka. daleif) says, please provide a minimal working example. Oct 16, 2013 at 14:57
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    Are you really sure you want to use footnotes in a CV? I wouldn't.
    – egreg
    Oct 16, 2013 at 15:03
  • @egreg It depends on the footnote. A short one (a website URL for example, when it's relevant) is fine. Long ones, better not. :P
    – Alenanno
    Oct 16, 2013 at 15:21

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It is quite difficult to use \footnote inside a floating environment, such as {figure} or {table}, because LaTeX can’t know where the float goes early enough to find out the right page for the footnotes. There are some ways to add a footnote, however.

use a {minipage}

The {minipage} has it’s own footnotes an then the footnotes will flow together with you figure/table.

minipage footnotes


document text
            A & B\footnote{Text} \\
document text

help LaTeX by separating footnote number and text

You can set the footnote number with \footnotemark and then outside of the float the text with \footnotetext{<Text>}. In this case you must care thet the float environment and \footnotetext appear on the same page.


document text
        A & B\footnotemark \\
\footnotetext{Text for the last footnote}
document text

But this will only work for a single pair of mark and text, i.e. you cant use two \footnotemarks without the \footnotetext for the first note between them.

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