This is follow up of the previous question, Document class for designing a book.

Majority of respondents suggested that I design the the page layout using the class I was using for writing the text, in my case scrbook.

I have, of course studied the KOMA script manual and I find page layout settings pretty cumbersome. The page is divided into n columns and n rows, of which outer two, inner one, bottom two and top one are margins. On the other hand, I have the following instructions from the book designer:

page dimensions: 210 x 245 mm2
inner margin: 25 mm
outer margin: 10 mm
upper margin: 10 mm
bottom margin: 25 mm
text block width: 120 mm

My calculation from data above:

marginal notes width: 55 mm

I also attach the sample of the required layout, created in non-LaTeX program.

Please, advice me how to do this layout in scrbook class. In this moment, I am interested in page layout only, as I have solved some of other design problems myself or with other people's help already. Thanks.

enter image description here

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Using only KOMA-Script, the ratio between top and bottom margin will always be 1:2. Therefore, an additional package (e.g., geometry) is needed for your desired layout. Note that you have to split your calculated "marginal notes width" into marginparsep and marginparwidth and to add both parameters to outer. See section 3 of the geometry manual for details and additional modifications (e.g., regarding headers/footers).





Some text.\marginpar{\lipsum[1]}



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