I writing my PhD thesis with LaTeX using biblatex-apa as bib style.

Besides the bibliography, a section will present a list of my publications during PhD. I do this using the \fullcite commands in a simple list environment.

I have some publications, where the authors and the year of publication are the same. Biblatex sets them like it would do in the bibliography:

  • Author1, Author2, & Author3 (2011a). TitleA. JournalA, ...
  • Author1, Author2, & Author3 (2011b). TitleB. JournalB, ...

I would like to omit the letters in the year statement (but only for the \fullcite items in my publications section, not generally, i.e. affecting the bibliography)

Is that possible?


You have to add a \clearfield{extrayear} to your \fullcite command. You can to that by redefining it, or by creating your own command.

This MWE redefines the existing \fullcite:

I have tried, without success, to patch the command (via xpatch) instead of copying it and adding the \clearfield{extrayear}; perhaps this would be the best solution, but unfortunately, I couldn't do it.

    author = {A. Uthor},
    title = {A title},
    year = {2013}
    author = {A. Uthor},
    title = {Another title},
    year = {2013}
  {\renewcommand{\finalnamedelim}{\ifnum\value{liststop}>2 \finalandcomma\fi\addspace\&\space}%
      \clearfield{extrayear}}% <-- Added this

\fullcite{a}, \fullcite{b}



  • I've tried this and it does not work for me. 1) When I try the MWE, the fullcites have the appended year (2013a) and (2013b). 2) When I run it in my own file with my own bibliography cmpilation produces this error: "Boolean '\ifbbx:parens' undefined" – SaMeji Jan 13 at 23:25

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