I writing my PhD thesis with LaTeX using biblatex-apa as bib style.

Besides the bibliography, a section will present a list of my publications during PhD. I do this using the \fullcite commands in a simple list environment.

I have some publications, where the authors and the year of publication are the same. Biblatex sets them like it would do in the bibliography:

  • Author1, Author2, & Author3 (2011a). TitleA. JournalA, ...
  • Author1, Author2, & Author3 (2011b). TitleB. JournalB, ...

I would like to omit the letters in the year statement (but only for the \fullcite items in my publications section, not generally, i.e. affecting the bibliography)

Is that possible?

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You have to add a \clearfield{extrayear} to your \fullcite command. You can to that by redefining it, or by creating your own command.

This MWE redefines the existing \fullcite:

I have tried, without success, to patch the command (via xpatch) instead of copying it and adding the \clearfield{extrayear}; perhaps this would be the best solution, but unfortunately, I couldn't do it.

    author = {A. Uthor},
    title = {A title},
    year = {2013}
    author = {A. Uthor},
    title = {Another title},
    year = {2013}

    author = {A. Uthor},
    title = {Another title from the same year},
    journal = {Journal},
    date = {2013-09}

      \clearfield{extradate}% <---- added this


\fullcite{a}, \fullcite{b}, \fullcite{c}



  • I've tried this and it does not work for me. 1) When I try the MWE, the fullcites have the appended year (2013a) and (2013b). 2) When I run it in my own file with my own bibliography cmpilation produces this error: "Boolean '\ifbbx:parens' undefined"
    – SaMeji
    Commented Jan 13, 2021 at 23:25
  • @SaMeji sorry for the long delay 😅 The code for fullcite had been changed, so I just adapted it. Hope it helps!
    – henrique
    Commented Feb 13, 2022 at 16:29

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