I'm working on a resume, and was playing around with a template I found online. Here is what I had:


\name{First Last \vspace*{.1in}}

\section{\sc Contact Information}

Address 1 & Phone \\
Address 2 & E-mail\\

But I would prefer to have the contact information above the horizontal line and not have it as a "section" in the resume. I tried removing line, from the document class line and adding in a horizontal line manually, but it's messy and probably not perfect:


\name{First Last}

555 Name Street North & (555) 555-5555 \\
City ST 55555 & myemail@email.com\\



Is there a cleaner and "right" way of doing this? Thanks.

Edit: I changed the code to a minimal working sample. Sorry if what I had posted before was too long.


The line between the contact info and name is specified inside \fullline (and used in case the line class option is specified).

% makes a line of width \textwidth starting at -\hoffset
\def\fullline{      % hrules only listen to \hoffset
  \nointerlineskip  % so I have this code     
  \moveleft\hoffset\vbox{\hrule width\textwidth} 

You can remove the line by redefining this to suit your needs using the xpatch package or etoolbox: just put this in your preamble (between \documentclass and \begin{document}):

\xpatchcmd\fullline{\hrule width\textwidth}{}{}{}

However IMHO there are better ways to create a custom CV in LaTeX.

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