I try to create proceedings with a uniform title page for individual pdfs that I get from the authors. I use pdfpages for this. The individual pdfs are included and I add title information (not shown in the example below). I have one paper that looks fine, but when I include it, the result does not contain the small caps letters in the attribute value matrices (see figures on page 7 and 8).


This is the paper: yatabe.pdf

What I get from including is yatabe-broken.pdf

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use in the preamble:


otherwise the SmallCaps font is not included. From the pdftex manual:

\pdfinclusioncopyfonts (integer)

If positive, this parameter forces pdfTEX to include fonts from a pdf file loaded with \pdfximage, even if those fonts are available on disk. Bigger files might be created, but included pdf files are sure to be embedded with the adequate fonts; indeed, the fonts on disk might be different from the embedded ones, and glyphs might be missing.

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