I need to write something below and top of ampersand sign. I want it to be like \sum. I have tried

\&_{i = 0}^{n}

but it shows i=0 in the index but not below ampersand sign.

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Inline: $\amper_{i=1}^n$

Inline with display: $\amper\limits_{i=1}^n$

Display: \[ \amper_{i=1}^n \] 

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If you wanted the ampersand to display larger in display style, you can use scalerel package to grow the size to match the vertical extent of the \sum sign.

\[ \foo_{i=3}^{6}(f^2(i)) \]
\centering This is inline: \(\foo_{i=3}^{6}(f^2(i)) \)

enter image description here

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