I have a paper with 30 figures. I added all the figures before conclusion section. But after compiling the document, 10 figures are placed into the middle of the document and after the references. I applied \begin{figure}[!htbp] in the first of the figures definition.

How can I force the figure to stay in the place where I defined it in the paper, for example before the references or conclusion sections?

  • you can't "force" a float to stay where you put it, if there isn't enough space for the float there. the answer is not to put your figures and things inside a float, but rather inside a \parbox or the like, using \captionof from the capt-of (or caption) package to define the content of the box. when you do that, the outside (non-)floats run over the end of the page, producing "overfull vbox" errors, and you can track them that way. – wasteofspace Nov 3 '13 at 0:09

You can add a \clearpage before your references. It will flush all the figures up to that point.

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