the chemmacros has some lovely codes for listing NMR data: \NMR{31,P} for example, and the whole experimental environment. However, I do a lot of decoupled NMR work, which would be listed as 31P{1H} (31P spectrum, with 1H decoupled) for example. Is there a way to typeset this using the chemmacros package, or do I have to do it by hand?



What I can do:


What I would like:

\(^{31}\text{P}\{^{1}\text{H}\}\)-NMR: \(\delta\) 12.24(d);


And the output:

The output of the MWE


According to documentation, p.31 (angle brackets removed):

\NMR{num,elem[coupling core]}(num,unit)[solvent]

This command gets an additional argument: \NMR{13,C[^1H]}

Hence in your case you can write

\NMR{31,P[^1H]} \val{12.24}(d);
  • Ah, I hadn't heard of the decoupled nucleus referred to that way before, thank you! – Canageek Nov 3 '13 at 22:21

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