I wonder if there is a convenient way to install packages on Ubuntu, except through tlmgr. I cannot find many packages with apt-get install texlive-package, don't know why. As for manual installation, it's too complicated and since the packages have all different files (.ino .sty .dtx...). I don't know what to do. Thanks.

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I'm not sure what problem you are having with the Debian/Ubuntu TeX Live packages. Norbert Preining and others have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure these packages work well. The major issue is that the packages get outdated. I think most people here would recommend a manual installation, but I use the TeX Live Debian packages and they work fine.

If you want a simple way to install the TeX Live Debian packages, you could just install the meta-package texlive-full. This installs a lot of stuff that you won't need, but if disk space is not a concern, then that is the simplest way to go. You may also find LaTeX: Debian Wiki useful.

OTOH, the list of packages I have installed is as follows. These probably include most of the packages required for basic usage. I am currently using Debian wheezy (stable).

ii  texlive-base                         2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: Essential programs and files
ii  texlive-binaries                     2012.20120628-4         amd64                   Binaries for TeX Live
ii  texlive-common                       2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: Base component
ii  texlive-doc-base                     2012.20120611-1         all                     TeX Live: TeX Live documentation
ii  texlive-extra-utils                  2012.20120611-2         all                     TeX Live: TeX auxiliary programs
ii  texlive-font-utils                   2012.20120611-2         all                     TeX Live: Graphics and font utilities
ii  texlive-fonts-extra                  2012.20120611-2         all                     TeX Live: Extra fonts
ii  texlive-fonts-extra-doc              2012.20120611-2         all                     TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-fonts-extra
ii  texlive-fonts-recommended            2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: Recommended fonts
ii  texlive-fonts-recommended-doc        2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-fonts-recommended
ii  texlive-generic-recommended          2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: Recommended generic packages
ii  texlive-latex-base                   2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: Basic LaTeX packages
ii  texlive-latex-base-doc               2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-latex-base
ii  texlive-latex-extra                  2012.20120611-2         all                     TeX Live: LaTeX supplementary packages
ii  texlive-latex-extra-doc              2012.20120611-2         all                     TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-latex-extra
ii  texlive-latex-recommended            2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: LaTeX recommended packages
ii  texlive-latex-recommended-doc        2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-latex-recommended
ii  texlive-luatex                       2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: LuaTeX packages
ii  texlive-pictures                     2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: Graphics packages and programs
ii  texlive-pictures-doc                 2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-pictures
ii  texlive-pstricks                     2012.20120611-2         all                     TeX Live: PSTricks packages
ii  texlive-pstricks-doc                 2012.20120611-2         all                     TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-pstricks
ii  texlive-science                      2012.20120611-2         all                     TeX Live: Typesetting for natural and computer sciences
ii  texlive-science-doc                  2012.20120611-2         all                     TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-science
ii  texlive-xetex                        2012.20120611-5         all                     TeX Live: XeTeX packages

If you want a simple way to have a full TeX installation and also have tlmgr and you want apt to be aware of it (so it doesn't install dependencies that you already have), you can do it with one command

sudo ./install-tl-ubuntu

First you have to clone the repo to get the script:

git clone https://github.com/scottkosty/install-tl-ubuntu

If you want to use the Ubuntu repository packages, a good way of finding what you need is to use apt-file. Suppose you get an error saying that you are missing ocherokee.sty. Then run this command:

$ apt-file find ocherokee.sty
texlive-omega: /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/lambda/base/ocherokee.sty

Note that when you install apt-file you first need to run the following command:

apt-file update

If you install texlive-full you will get the whole texlive distribution.

For example, apt-get install texlive-latex-extra will install hundreds of latex package: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+package/texlive-latex-extra

I've never had to use tlmgr to install a package on ubuntu (only except if I needed the up-to-date version).


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