I want to compile the temporary.tex file containing PSTricks code twice. One with -jobname=Rotated and the other one with -jobname=Unrotated. The resulting Rotated.ps will be passed to ps2pdf without -dAutoRotatePages=/None but the Unrotated.ps will be passed to ps2pdf with -dAutoRotatePages=/None.

The following code throws some errors. The error messages can be seen by yourself.

% this input file name is filename.tex
% compile it with pdflatex -shell-escape filename.tex






        % do nothing


\foreach \outputname/\isautorotate in {Rotated/true,Unrotated/false}
    \foreach \compiler/\ext in {latex \JobName{\outputname}/tex,dvips/dvi,ps2pdf \AutoRotatePages/ps}
        \immediate\write18{\compiler\space \outputname.\ext}

\foreach \filename in {Rotated,Unrotated}{\begin{center}\includegraphics{\filename}\end{center}}

How to fix this problem?


will pass a macro with value true or false to \AutoRotatePages so you could redefine your macro to accept such a string but simpler is just to do

 \csname AutoRotatePages\isautorotate\endcsname

together with


\def\AutoRotatePagesfalse{ -dAutoRotatePages=/None }

No need for a new if

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