I have a recurring issue when generating latex documents from gnuplot as soon as I specify a set size n,m where n or m is greater than one.

Here are the minimal codes producing the issue:

Gnuplot instructions

set terminal latex
set output "plot.tex"
set size 1,2
set title "Graph Title"
set xlabel "$x$ axis"
set ylabel "$y$ axis"
plot sin(x)

(very minimal) LaTeX document





I then run gnuplot plot.gp followed by either xelatex document.tex or pdflatex document.tex or latex document.pdf, since any of them will produce the issue.

The result is that no text displays outside of the default size zone. As you can see, both axis labels and numbering stops at the half of the y axis, as well as no title at top of the graph:

No text displays screenshot

Can anyone reproduce this issue on his computer, or is there an issue with my LaTeX/gnuplot installation ? I would be glad if anyone could provide with a solution for this issue.

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    Just use the epslatex terminal instead of the latex one. – giordano Nov 6 '13 at 9:47
  • It works perfectly, thanks! (Assuming I use graphicx package in LaTeX.) – Arcturus B Nov 6 '13 at 9:54

I can reproduce this problem with gnuplot version 4.6.3. The plot.tex file doesn't even contain all the missing labels (e.g. $y$ axis). That seems to be a bug in the latex terminal.

For using LaTeX strings, use the epslatex, cairolatex, context or lua tikz terminal which are known to work fine.

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