Thus far I used the enumerate-environment with arabic numbers and wrote in my preamble \setlist[enumerate,1]{leftmargin=*} to avoid indenting. And it works well.

Now I'm trying to tell enumerate with \setenumerate[0]{label=(\alph*)} in my preamble to use small letters instead of arabic numbers. It works but now is a small indent in my list. When i use \Alph* instead of \alph*, it works without indenting, but I don't want to use big letters.

Is there any way of avoiding the indenting with \alph?

PS: I use the enumitem package.


By default the width of the label used when the label is \alph* is that of the character m. You can change this with the widest option:

Sample output




\item One
\item Two
\item Three

Incidentally \setenumerate is deprecated.

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