Using LyX 2.06.

I have a standard document with 1.5 line spacing, but I want my program listings to use 1.0 line spacing. Is there a simple way to do this?

  • You'll probably need to load some package like \usepackage{setspace} in the preamble and insert TeX code directly in the beginning \singlespacing and in the end \onehalfspacing of your listings.
    – juliohm
    Nov 7, 2013 at 9:46

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just add to the \lstset{...}-section


and: voilá!

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You can add the \singlespacing command from setspace (which LyX uses when you set the linespacing to OneHalf or Double) to the \basicstyle of the listings. This will basically add \singlespacing (and any other commands added there) at the start of every code listing. A side effect of this seems to be that some additional whitespace is added before every listing, this can be fixed by setting aboveskip, which is another parameter for Listings, to a negative length.

Hence, go to Document --> Settings --> Listings, and add


You may want to change the length 4ex. If you have changed the \basicstyle already, just add \singlespacing at the end, e.g.


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