I need to have no empty lines at some pages of the document. The reason for it is that I'm putting a table on some pages that is pretty long, and I used scalign \scalebox and \centerline for it, but I can't make it any smaller, since it won't be readable. What i mean is that I have empty lines at the top of the page, then my table right to the end of it, and I have page number inserted inside the table (and I want not to have it, but can't remove numbering on the entire doc. It's necessary).

If you can't imagine it, here's a screenshot:

You can see there is 9 as it's a page number

  • Perhaps a mere \thispagestyle{empty} would do. You could also consider inserting a (page-breakable) longtable. – Werner Nov 11 '13 at 14:33

Use the longtable package, which allows you to let your table break across the page boundary.

The interface is slightly different from that of a regular tabular, but this is to accommodate the user's view on a table that spans more than one page (repetition of header, for example).

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