I am trying to add a table of contents to a document produced using the memoir class. I have customized the section headings to emulate a publication I like. When I produce the pdf (using xelatex -shell-escape), the chapter-level and subsection-level hyperlinks in the table of contents work as expected, but the section-level hyperlinks do not. There is the appearance of a hyperlink for each section, but when I click on one, nothing happens.

Two constraints:

  1. I need to stay in the memoir class.
  2. The section (and sub-section) headings need to appear as formatted below (e.g., I don't want section numbering).

Two observations:

  1. If I set the section numbering depth to 'section', the hyperlinks work as desired (but then I get numbered sections).
  2. If I add \bfseries or any other series to \setsecheadstyle{\Large\scshape\MakeLowercase}, then the hyperlinks work (but again, I lose the formatting desired).

Minimal working example:





\section{Another Section}
\subsection{Subsection 1}
\subsection{Subsection 2}
\section{Last Section}


You can quickly fix the problem by defining your section heading style to include a hyperref anchor \phantomsection:

  • Nice, works for the MWE. Now implementing in the full document . . .
    – brorgschlr
    Nov 12 '13 at 6:06
  • I had to had \phantomsection's to the \setsubsecheadstyle also. This worked well for me. Thanks.
    – brorgschlr
    Nov 12 '13 at 6:17

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