EDIT: The mentioned solution on the bottom of this page works perfectly for the label output. But now I am struggling with the distance of the \crefname and the counter. Instead of a space I would like to have a smaller distance between fig. and the number. Instead of fig.~1 I'd like to have fig\,1 but it appears that I am losing myself in the code of the cref manual.

I am using a combination of varioref, cleveref and hyperref to use a - I would say - more "sophisticated" referencing behaviour. It enables me to simply use \vref{labelname} to get the output

Table 1 on page 1

My MWE looks like this:


\usepackage[format=plain,indention=1em,labelfont=bf,font=footnotesize,justification=justified,position=bottom]{caption}  %schönere Captions durch den \caption-Befehl


\renewcommand*babel\reftextfaraway[1]{auf S.\,\pageref{#1}}%
\addto\extrasngerman{\renewcommand{\reftextfaraway}[1]{auf S.\,\pageref{#1}}} %Short page labels


\chapter{Chapter 1}





Now, what I want is: I would like to change the way the Table or Figure or whatever is named in the text, when I use a 'ref' command. Instead of

Figure 1 on page 1

I would like to get (preferably in German but I guess this is reached by a general trigger or babel)

Fig. 1 on p. 1

Through research I already figured out how to modify the label in the float itself by adding this code (since I am using the babel package this is needed):


Also, in a forum I found a way to modify the pagelabel output but I failed at changing the text output of my referencing command. I tried


But, this simply gives me an error of a missing control sequence.

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As discussed in the cleveref manual (page 12), use (don't redefine) the \crefname and \Crefname macros:

    % Second argument is singular, third is plural
  • Damn, under section 7.1.2. How couldn't I find it? Thanks. Now I would like to change the space between the label and the counter to "\," instead of "~". In the manual I only can find how to change the space for \crefrange. I am quite lost with the \crefdefaultlabelformat. I cannot see a way to modify spaces with this command. Do you know how to accomplish this -- most probably simpliest -- task?
    – Kris
    Nov 13, 2013 at 10:25
  • 1
    You can only do this with the low-level formatting commands \crefformat etc. See section 7.2 of the manual for details. Nov 18, 2013 at 21:32

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