Although I read some posts on this site about vim and biber, still I'm not able to compile correctly. Following some suggestion, I put in my texcr (at line 96)

TexLet g:Tex_MultipleCompileFormats = 'pdf,bbl'

and at line 126

TexLet g:Tex_BibtexFlavor = 'biber'

Moreover, I changed my compiler.vim this way at lines 567-8:

if runCount == 0 && Tex_IsPresentInFile('\\bibdata', mainFileName_root.'.bcf')
let bibFileName = mainFileName_root.'.bbl'

However, during the compilation I receive the message:

LaTeX Warning: Empty Bibliography on line 27

(the line of the source file tex where I put \printbibliography). I find only bcf file, not bbl nor blg So I really I don'k know what else I can do...

============================================================================== POSTSCRIPTUM

It works if I change '\bibdata' to 'bibdata'. What does it mean the double backslash?

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