I was composing a book (using xelatex) that each chapter comes from different author, is there any environments/packages that can put these message near each chapter/section instead of the heading pages of the book?


Check out the combine class (which also makes use of the packages combinet, combnat and combcite to achieve the results one would expect when preparing a volume composed of different articles by different authors).

I have never used it myself, but it seems to be good enough for the job.

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Unfortunately, I will only able to advise you with tableofcontent for each chapter. I use the library minitoc for doing this. Please see to code below. In each chapter, you must add the command \minitoc. I usually also sets the counter tocdepth and secnumdepth. I hope it helps at least part of your problem

    ,fontsize=12pt      % 
    ,b4paper, pagesize
    ,DIV=11             % calculation of the typearea
    ,BCOR=12mm          % binding correction for the left/inner side

 \usepackage[x11names, dvipsnames, table]{xcolor}  % http://www.ctan.org/pkg/xcolor/ 
% ~~~~~~~~~~~ Hyperlinks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
\hypersetup{pdfauthor={Athor name},
            pdftitle={Book name},
            pdfsubject={My study notes},
            pdfkeywords={linear algebra, math, electronics},
            pdfpagelayout={TwoPageLeft}, % Displays two pages, odd-numbered pages to the left 
            bookmarks={true},            %  A set of Acrobat bookmarks are written
            colorlinks={true},           %  Colors the text of links and anchors. 
            linkcolor={NavyBlue},        %  Color for normal internal links.
            anchorcolor={black},         %  Color for anchor text.
            filecolor={cyan},            %  Color for URLs which open local files.
            menucolor={red},             %  Color for Acrobat menu items.
            runcolor={blue},             %  Color for run links (launch annotations).
            urlcolor={NavyBlue},         %  Color for linked URLs. 
\usepackage[nohints]{minitoc}              % Control the fonts and formatting used in the table of
                                            % contents.

% =============================== TOC ============================================================= 
% this sets the depth to which things are listed in the table of contents 
% (Chapters =0, Sections =1, etc)
\setcounter{tocdepth}{1} % 
% =============================== BOOK ============================================================ 
  \chapter{chapter 1}
      \section {chap 1 sec 1}
    \section {chap 1 sec 2}
    \section {chap 1 sec 3}
  \chapter{chapter 2}
    \section {chap 1 sec 1}
    \section {chap 1 sec 2}
    \section {chap 1 sec 3}

Result: enter image description here

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