I was composing a book (using xelatex) that each chapter comes from different author, is there any environments/packages that can put these message near each chapter/section instead of the heading pages of the book?

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Check out the combine class (which also makes use of the packages combinet, combnat and combcite to achieve the results one would expect when preparing a volume composed of different articles by different authors).

I have never used it myself, but it seems to be good enough for the job.


Unfortunately, I will only able to advise you with tableofcontent for each chapter. I use the library minitoc for doing this. Please see to code below. In each chapter, you must add the command \minitoc. I usually also sets the counter tocdepth and secnumdepth. I hope it helps at least part of your problem

    ,fontsize=12pt      % 
    ,b4paper, pagesize
    ,DIV=11             % calculation of the typearea
    ,BCOR=12mm          % binding correction for the left/inner side

 \usepackage[x11names, dvipsnames, table]{xcolor}  % http://www.ctan.org/pkg/xcolor/ 
% ~~~~~~~~~~~ Hyperlinks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
\hypersetup{pdfauthor={Athor name},
            pdftitle={Book name},
            pdfsubject={My study notes},
            pdfkeywords={linear algebra, math, electronics},
            pdfpagelayout={TwoPageLeft}, % Displays two pages, odd-numbered pages to the left 
            bookmarks={true},            %  A set of Acrobat bookmarks are written
            colorlinks={true},           %  Colors the text of links and anchors. 
            linkcolor={NavyBlue},        %  Color for normal internal links.
            anchorcolor={black},         %  Color for anchor text.
            filecolor={cyan},            %  Color for URLs which open local files.
            menucolor={red},             %  Color for Acrobat menu items.
            runcolor={blue},             %  Color for run links (launch annotations).
            urlcolor={NavyBlue},         %  Color for linked URLs. 
\usepackage[nohints]{minitoc}              % Control the fonts and formatting used in the table of
                                            % contents.

% =============================== TOC ============================================================= 
% this sets the depth to which things are listed in the table of contents 
% (Chapters =0, Sections =1, etc)
\setcounter{tocdepth}{1} % 
% =============================== BOOK ============================================================ 
  \chapter{chapter 1}
      \section {chap 1 sec 1}
    \section {chap 1 sec 2}
    \section {chap 1 sec 3}
  \chapter{chapter 2}
    \section {chap 1 sec 1}
    \section {chap 1 sec 2}
    \section {chap 1 sec 3}

Result: enter image description here

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