As I understand, cases environment is centered by default:enter image description here How to make it left aligned?


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If you only need to left-align the two cases you can use align for this purpose.




& \begin{cases}
     C=C_0+(Y-T)*\textit{MPC} \\
     Im=Im_0+\textit{MPM}*Y \\
     90+C=C_0+\textit{MPC}*\biggl(Y+\dfrac{20}{1-\textit{MPC}+\textit{MPM}}\biggr)-T \\
   \end{cases} \\
& \begin{cases}
     90=Y+\dfrac{20*\textit{MPC}}{1-\textit{MPC}+\textit{MPM}} \\
     10=Y+\dfrac{20*\textit{MPC}}{1-\textit{MPC}+\textit{MPM}} \\



enter image description here

If you also want to left-align all math stuff to the left margin of the page, you have to load the document class with the option fleqn, in this case


and add the line


in the preamble.

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