I have a long table which spans several pages. For some unknown reasons to me since I have itemized stuff in my table, it cannot break them into pages. Also the spacing between the items are still wider than what I want. Here is what I have got:

\begin{longtable}{ p{7.5cm} p{4.5cm} p{2cm} }
\caption{Here is the caption}
\hline \hline
\textbf{{\small Title1}} & \textbf{{\small Title2}} & \textbf{{\small Title3}} \\
\hline \hline

{\tablename\ \thetable\ -- \textit{Continued from previous page}} \\
\hline \hline
\textbf{{\small Title1}} & \textbf{{\small Title2}} & \textbf{{\small Title3}} \\
\hline \hline
\hline \multicolumn{3}{r}{\textit{Continued on next page}} \\
\hline \hline

{\small item1}
    \item {\footnotesize subitem1.1}
    \item {\footnotesize subitem1.2}
    \item {\footnotesize subitem1.3}
    \item {\footnotesize subitem1.4}
             \item {\footnotesize subsubitem1.4.1}
    \end{itemize} & {\small Data1} & \textbf{{\small No1}} \\
{\small item2} & {\small Data2} & \textbf{{\small No2}} \\
{\small item3}
    \item {\footnotesize subitem3.1}
    \item {\footnotesize subitem3.2}
    \item {\footnotesize subitem3.3}
    \item {\footnotesize subitem3.4}
    \item {\footnotesize subitem3.5}
    \item {\footnotesize subitem3.6}
\end{itemize} & {\small Data3} & \textbf{{\small No3}} \\
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    Welcome to the site! Thanks for providing some code- could you turn it into a complete minimal working example (MWE)? longtable can break a table across pages, but will not break a cell, regardless of its contents (text, itemize, etc); you might like tex.stackexchange.com/questions/54823/page-breaks-in-table-rows
    – cmhughes
    Nov 15, 2013 at 19:26
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    longtable only breaks between the rows of the table, a cell never breaks. You need to put each item into a separate row of the table rather than use a list or (better usually) just use a list and don't use longtable. Nov 15, 2013 at 19:59
  • Never use center around longtable
    – egreg
    Sep 30, 2014 at 20:18

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9 times out of 10 it's better to set this sort of thing as a list than as a table, which allows a lot more flexibility, and allows page breaking within items, a basic start might be:

enter image description here




    \item  subitem1.1
    \item  subitem1.2
    \item  subitem1.3
    \item  subitem1.4
             \item subsubitem1.4.1

    \item subitem3.1
    \item subitem3.2
    \item subitem3.3
    \item subitem3.4
    \item subitem3.5
    \item subitem3.6


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