Hi I am trying to create a triacylglycerol molecule with the chemfig package.. I am pretty close. The backbone has three side chains and double bond off the C atom is running into the previous side chain. Ideally if the double bond is shorter or the single bond separating the backbone molecules is longer, this problem would be fixed. I have not been able to work out how to selectively change the bond length so it doesn't affect the other bond lengths.

Help would be very much appreciated.


%try number 1:

\setatomsep{50pt}\chemfig{CH([:45]-[0]O-[1]C(=[::+45]O)-[7]R_2)([:90]-CH_2 -[0]O-[1]C(=[::+45]O)-[7]R_1)([:-90]-CH_2 -[0]O-[1]C(=[::+45]O)-[7]R_3)}

% try number 2:


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Chemfig's bonds have an optional argument that takes several parameters one of them being a factor to scale the bond length:

<bond>[<angle spec>,<length factor>,<other parameters>]

So you can just add that option to the bonds you want shorter:





enter image description here

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    \setatomsep{50pt} is now: \setchemfig{atom sep=50pt} Nov 3, 2022 at 10:07

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